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Electronic Design Services

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Electronic Design Services

The Embedded Product Engineering Services from Pixzee encompass hardware and software teams that works together in a seamless manner providing expert product designs covering Board Design, Digital Signal Processing, FPGA Design, BSP and Firmware development, Embedded Application development, integration of 3rd party solutions, Testing and Validation, product prototyping, production coordination and product sustenance services.


VLSI Front-End & FPGA Designs

Pixzee offers comprehensive design solutions in areas of FPGA and HDL. Our FPGA services include Design/Development, Testing/Verification, Test suite development and RTL coding.

We provide turnkey development services in FPGA for High Speed Bus interfaces, Integration of modules, Multi-million gates complex design and concept to specification to the chip to the final board level target hardware.

Pixzee’s FPGA team has developed and tested multiple FPGA IP cores for the legacy x86 processor / peripherals / bus interfaces, associated with Video & Storage interfaces. We have implemented number of customized solutions built around these cores. We are constantly upgrading our IP Portfolio as per market requirements.

The HDL services offered include RTL coding in VHDL/Verilog/SystemVerilog, simulation and verification of models and memories, processors and peripheral devices. We are constantly innovating and implementing turnkey integrated embedded solution systems keeping pace with technology progress and customer requirements.


LED Video Displays

An LED video display is a flat panel display, which uses an array of light-emitting diodes as pixels for a video display. Their brightness allows them to be used outdoors in store signs and billboards.

Giant LED digital billboards and hoardings bring outdoor advertising to a strikingly powerful new level and give advertisers extensive opportunities for product promotion. Only a LED video display makes it possible to use vivid video clips in messages, attracting the attention of the target audience much more effectively than with static images.

The higher quality of information delivery to customers by a giant LED video screen reduces the scope of targeted programs, and, therefore, the costs of advertising. The LED screen control system makes it possible to freely define the timing and duration of the advertising campaign and to adjust advertising messages during the campaign based on the current market situation. This considerably increases the efficiency of advertisements.

Image quality on a digital billboard is not affected by weather conditions; the picture remains vivid throughout the campaign come rain or shine, with sharp true colours, deep blacks and strong contrasts.

LED video billboards make it feasible to display socially-significant ‘live’ information (news, reports on weather conditions, social advertising, etc.) to a broad audience. Such video clips, between advertising blocks, help to make the contents of digital billboards appealing to a broad audience.

The video content is received, absorbed and memorized more easily. A video billboard can deliver several campaigns to customers at the same time, thus earning more advertising revenue than static boards in the same place, over the same time period.

The billboard, a mainstay of outdoor advertising has entered the realm of high-tech in the form of an LED billboard media format. When viewed, the electronic LED billboards appear similar to a print (or static) billboard except for one small detail: every six to eight seconds the sign face changes to display a brand new advertising message.

Electronic LED billboards are an economy of use, both in terms sign management inventory and in earnings potential. The proper management of an electronic LED billboard allows six to eight different advertising messages to share the same sign face, increasing multiple advertising awareness without the labour of continually replacing vinyl sign faces. In terms of earnings potential, anecdotal evidence has portrayed electronic LED billboards with its multiple advertising messages on a single sign face as being able to “out earn” their print counterparts.

Variable Message Traffic Signs and Boards

Variable Message Traffic Signs and Boards

Automotive Electronic Products

Vehicle Tracking System

Product description

A vehicle tracking system combines the use of automatic vehicle location in individual vehicles with software that collects these fleet data for a comprehensive picture of vehicle locations. Modern vehicle tracking systems commonly use GPS or GLONASS technology for locating the vehicle, but other types of  automatic vehicle location technology can also be used. Vehicle information can be viewed on electronic maps via the Internet or specialized software. 

Major constituents of the GPS based tracking are

  • GPS tracking device: The device fits into the vehicle and captures the GPS location information apart from other vehicle information at regular intervals to a central server. The other vehicle information can include fuel amount, engine temperature, altitude, reverse geocoding, door open/close, tire pressure, cut off fuel, turn off ignition, turn on headlight, turn on taillight, battery status, GSM area code/cell code decoded, number of GPS satellites in view, glass open/close, fuel amount, emergency button status, cumulative idling, computed odometer, engine RPM, throttle position,GPRS status and a lot more. Capability of these devices actually decide the final capability of the whole tracking system.
  • GPS tracking server: The tracking server has three responsibilities: receiving data from the GPS tracking unit, securely storing it, and serving this information on demand to the user.
  • User interface: The UI determines how one will be able to access information, view vehicle data, and elicit important details from it.

GPS Vehicle Trackers allow customers to pinpoint the exact location of their vehicle.

Customers can receive position data from the tracker directly to their mobile phone or computer.

Product features

Features such as voice monitoring, two way audio, geo-fencing, impact alarm, tow alarm etc. Some vehicle trackers are waterproof and have digital and analog inputs and outputs, which allow for different types of reports and applications.

With the use of GPS, an individual never has to worry about the safety and security of their vehicle. GPS Vehicle Trackers allow customers to pinpoint the exact location of their vehicle. 

On Bus Intelligent Transport System (OBITS)

Product description

Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India has provided the recommendations for Urban Bus specification in which Specifications for Intelligent Transport Systems (I.T.S.) necessitates the OBITS system with following features 

Products features

Passenger information system (PIS) 

Automatic vehicle location system (AVL) 

Security camera network system (SCN)

Vehicle health monitoring and diagnostics (VHMD)

On-board pole mounted ticketing machines

The single control unit ‘SCU’, together with single bus driver console ‘BDC’, form the nucleus of the on- bus vehicle intelligent transport system (OBITS)

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)

Product description

TPMS are a new standard for improved vehicle safety. Pixzee Technology provides a TPMS solution that provides real-time tire pressure monitoring, alerting the driver of improperly inflated tires. Pixzee’s TPMS products are designed for the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 138 and car manufacturer requirements throughout the world.

Products features

• compact, low weight, wheel-mounted TPMS modules

• Suitable for advanced features like tire localization, auto-learning and very low speed detection

• Battery operated

• Pressure sensor with two pressure range options. Passenger cars: 100-450 kPa and light trucks: 100-900 kPa

• Tire theft alarm

• Temperature inside the tires can be monitored

• Speed of each tire can be measured

• Pressure and Temperature can be monitored through mobile phones through wifi. 

Truck Navigation and Black Box System

Product description

This product is mainly used in all kinds of Trucks and heavy duty vehicles. This product will help in guiding the driver for the route navigation through maps, Driver is assisted with city speed limit, no entry & one way etc based on the city that the truck is moving, monitoring of pressure & temperature from inside all of its tires, Driver assistance of left & right side view and back side views through cameras. This product can be used for making phone calls, video calls to their office/control centre. This product can also be used for entertainment in playing video and audio.

Apart from the driver assistance, this system acts as a vehicle tracking device and black box function to record all the videos from the cameras mounted inside the drivers cabin & luggage cabin, front side, left & right side and back side cameras. The location of the truck is tracked by the owner or control centre. Also the recorded videos can be viewed at the control centre. This product will be mounted at centre of the dashboard such that its orientation can be adjusted to focus cabin space and the driver console.

Products features

• Vehicle tracking system

• Android APP for Tire pressure monitoring

• GPS Navigation System through Google Maps, voice based navigation

• Navigation based on voice and also city info about no entry, speed limit and height limit, road width limit, curves, available petrol bunk highlight in map etc.

• Media Player/entertainment

• Parking and Navigation support/parking assist system

• Vehicle security

• Videocalls/Phone calls with loud speaker

• Service logging

• Fuel up logging and kilometres travelled, mileage display

• Stop watch, Time display

• Kilometer display, Km travelled, KM still to be covered/reached, average speed, current speed.

• CAN protocol interfacing.

• Black box video and audio recording into driver’s cabin and luggage cabin for consignment theft avoidance and outer video recording for accident monitoring any of the few videos shall be sent to server online for viewing live.

• Qwerty keyboard to be attached, with mouse touch pad, display shall be touch screen.

On Bus Intelligent Transport System (OBITS)

On Bus Intelligent Transport System (OBITS)

Aerospace and Defence Electronic Products

Pixzee is developing electronics products related to communication and display systems for Aerospace and Defence Industry. Pixzee is also analysing for the list of products that has high demands in Indian Defence and Aerospace Industry.

It is found that Defence and Aerospace electronic products are mainly based on any of the below mentioned technology categories. Pixzee has expertise with all of these technologies and so it can develop any products with these technologies.



• cPCI


• PCIe




• PC104+



• Digital I/O

• Analog I/O


• MIL-STD-1553

• MIL-STD-1760

• ARINC-429

• ARINC-708

• ARINC-717

• RS-232

• RS-422

• RS-485

• CAN Bus

• Ethernet

• MMSI - Mini Munitions Store Interface H009

• AS5643 (FireWire) - 1394B

• Communication

• Network

• Memory

• Display 

• Data Recorders/Data Storage 

• Signal Acquisition 

• Single Board Computers 

• Video Graphics

• IP cores

• Protocol analyzer/Bus analyzer